Today’s construction industry is high-tech, rapidly evolving, drives the economy and allows other industries to flourish.

Explore local options and connect with local employers who are currently hiring. View the list of who is hiring here.  Are you an employer who would like to join the list? Submit your job posting here.

Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship

Learn a trade, take classes, gain valuable work experience – all while earning an incoming.  Learn more

Women in Construction

Resources for the advancement of women in the field of construction.

See Who is Hiring

There are many great companies hiring in New Hampshire. Browse through our list of who is hiring and check out the open positions. 

Build Your Future (BYF)

Finding a career in construction is a life-changing decision to fulfill important roles in building communities. BYF helps in discovering how construction can be a good fit for your future — from making the right preparations to finding training.

Education Resources

From trade schools and college programs to apprenticeships and job shadowing, there are many ways to enter the construction workforce.