NH Governor Chris Sununu and VT Governor Phil Scott joined a nationwide campaign to increase public awareness of construction careers by signing proclamations declaring October Careers in Construction Month (CiCM). To celebrate, we are sharing resources to help local companies highlight the opportunities and benefits of a sustainable career in construction.

With a variety of opportunities for people with all backgrounds and education levels, the construction industry allows for zero barriers to entry, infinite opportunities for growth and competitive salaries. I Build NH/VT and ABC NH/VT want to make young people, career changers and those reentering the workforce aware of this and of the great opportunities available in the construction industry and trades.

Why CICM Matters

Raising Awareness: The first step to tackling an issue is acknowledging it. CiCM shines a light on the vast opportunities that lie within the construction sector, from engineers and architects to electricians and site managers.

Bridging the Skills Gap: With advancements in technology, the construction sector isn’t what it used to be. Today, it intertwines with tech, necessitating a new set of skills. CiCM serves as a platform to introduce these skills to younger generations.

Changing Perceptions: There’s a common misconception that construction jobs are simply about manual labor. CiCM helps in reshaping this perception, highlighting the myriad of roles – both on and off the field.

How Can You Help?

We’ve put together some suggestions on how you can help promote the industry during this CiCM 2023. Let’s have some fun showcasing our industry!

  • Use your social media accounts to share the stories of the people on your team. It can be a photo with a few lines of text, or a short informal cell phone video. How did they get into the field? Why did they choose construction? What would they say to someone considering a career in construction?  Be sure to use these tags: #CiCM #IBuildNH.
  • Create short form videos highlighting the various positions in your company. Here is an example from Interstate Electrical Services of a video showcasing a detailer’s job responsibilities. Be sure to use these tags: #CiCM #IBuildNH
  • Present to a local middle or high school about construction careers.
  • Distribute informative resources about the skilled trades through your personal social media channels.
  • Connect with the Virtual Learning Academy about offering a remote career presentation to students. Learn more here.
  • Educators, the NH PBS Learning Media offers supplemental training materials for trade specific careers.
  • Do you have company YouTube videos showing construction projects in New Hampshire? If so, share them with us and we’ll add them to our YouTube playlist, “Building NH”. Email the link to communications@abcnhvt.org.


NH Governor signs proclamation declaring October Careers in Construction Month
VT Careers in Construction MOnth