The Virtual Learning Academy, VLACS, is a free NH high school that is committed to preparing students as emerging professionals for the workplace. They are also committed to showcasing the many opportunities for students to learn and work here in NH and are hopeful that they are improving and increasing the pipeline of students choosing to stay, work and play here in NH. VLACS is a public, year round, rolling admissions, online school serving a yearly average of 15,000  students a year.


VLACS welcomes the opportunity to partner with businesses and professionals who would like to share their expertise with curious students. Lisa Kent, VLACS Program Manager, provided us with this information about how you can work with their school:


What can we offer? 

  • The offer to speak to our VLACS students via our online Career Connections Program about the career opportunities available within your industry or your organization.
  • You can speak about your industry, your organization or your student opportunity.
  • Sign up here!

How will you benefit?

  • You can become a partner with VLACS and have your name on our website as a community partner.
  • This will give you brand recognition from our student families and awareness of your organization.
  • This will give you social capital as a educational partner
  • This will give you a pipeline for students to work with your organization
  • If you are interested in being featured on the VLACS Business Partners webpage and having our partnership showcased in our partner newsletter that is shared with professionals and organizations across the state, please consider filling out this form – MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

What are the details about the Career Connections Program?
It Is a virtual program, hosted by an instructor, offered to our VLACS students to hear from professionals about various careers, using the NEPRIS/ZOOM platforms.

  • You pick the date to present
  • You determine if you want to do this one time or more than once.  You can accept or decline each request based on your availability.
  • The session is about 30 minutes

Professionals speak about: 

  • their decision to enter their career field
  • the pathway they took to enter the career field
  • the knowledge and skills needed for a particular career
  • various positions within the career field
  • advice and suggestions to students to prepare for entrance into the workforce.
  • the opportunities available within their own organization.

Benefits for students:

  • students will realize the importance of what they are learning as it connects to a career
  • students will learn the various career options
  • students will learn the various ways to prepare for entrance into them
  • students will gain interest in a career
  • students will be inspired by having. met a professional in the workplace
  • students will want to pursue a job shadow, career exploration or micro internship
  • students will learn how to network

Upon registering, our Program Manager will contact you to meet to review the agenda and your session date preferences.

Following are some of the most commonly asked questions by students:

  • What made you choose this career?What does a typical day look like?
  • What training or education was required or helpful?
  • What is the best thing and/or a common challenge about your job?

Contact Lisa Kent, VLACS Program Manager, with any questions.