Please consider sharing your talent with elementary-aged students from around the country via Zoom with our partners from Pathful

Pathful (formerly Nepris) was developed in response to the need from educators, industry leaders, professionals and community partners alike, to reduce the barriers between industry and education. Their core mission is making industry engagement part of the everyday classroom by empowering teachers to engage students in STEAM!

How can you get involved?

With Pathful, teachers don’t have to spend endless hours and time outside of the classroom to recruit and plan for guest speakers. By facilitating virtual connections, Pathful effectively removes student barriers to access while providing companies the opportunity to efficiently and effectively extend their education outreach efforts

Examples of videos from others in our industry:

You’ll need to create a free Pathful account to view these videos. 

Chris Fredette with Lonchamps Electric did a presentation this spring, “Electrician- What’s inside your walls”. View it here

Jennifer Landon with ABC NH/VT did presentation called “How It’s Made Week: Who Built My School?”. View it here.

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