Scholarship application deadlines are fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing to apply. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Research scholarships that you are eligible for. We have put together a list of regional and national scholarships.  Also check out the NH Charitable Foundation where you can create a profile and apply to several scholarships. 

Review the requirements and application deadlines for each scholarship.

Prepare a strong application package that highlights your achievements, skills, and goals. The NH Charitable Foundation suggests these steps:

  1. Write-up some prepared answers for one or more essay questions
  2. An electronic copy of your confirmation page of your FAFSA report to upload
  3. The names and emails of people who will submit a letter of recommendation
  4. An electronic copy of the most recent cumulative transcript to upload (unofficial is okay)

Make sure to proofread your application and submit it on time.

Lastly, be sure to send a thank you note to the organization(s) that award you a scholarship. 

Scholarships can be a huge help in financing your education. They can cover tuition, books, and living expenses, reducing the financial burden on you and your family. Additionally, receiving a scholarship is a great accomplishment that can enhance your resume and open doors to future opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this chance to receive financial assistance for your education. Start preparing for scholarship applications now, and remember to submit them before the deadline. Good luck!