The New Hampshire Extended Learning Opportunity Network (ELON) is seeking nominations for the Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator of the Year 2024.

This individual will be honored at the New Hampshire EDies Awards in 2024 and should:

▶ Demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities within the school and surrounding community to optimize student learning opportunities and experiences.

▶ Demonstrate outstanding communication skills while serving as the ELO link and liaison for and between the ELO Team (student, parent/guardian, certified school personnel (overseeing educator), case manager (if applicable), community partner/mentor, and others as applicable) to establish and maintain cooperative, constructive, and genuine school and community relationships.

▶ Demonstrate the ability to create personalized innovative passion/interest based learning opportunities while maintaining high academic rigor.

▶ Demonstrate the ability to develop innovative performance assessments that ensure high academic rigor.

▶ Demonstrate the ability to design personalized Extended Learning Opportunities for all students with diverse abilities.

▶ Demonstrate outstanding program marketability skills to ensure program success and sustainability.

▶ Demonstrate outstanding management skills to ensure program success and sustainability (including law and school policy monitoring, program development, coordination, and maintenance, and keeping accurate records and data).

If you know of a deserving candidate, please email the following information to by December 30, 2023:

  • Your Name and Position
  • Your Contact Information
  • The ELO Coordinator you wish to nominate
  • Their Contact Information