ApprenticeshipNH is currently looking for students interested in joining the Equity Advisory Committee to have their voices heard as the organization begins to develop apprenticeships around NH.

Their purpose is to understand how the workforce and career pathway barriers that we identified as an advisory committee specifically impact unique populations so that we can remove those barriers as they pertain to Pre-Apprenticeships and Registered Apprenticeships.

The populations that they are (so far) focusing on include:

  • Behavioral Health / Disabilities – ApprenticeshipNH Lead: John Knorr
  • BIPOC – ApprenticeshipNH Lead: Tracey Jackson
  • LGBTQ+ – ApprenticeshipNH Lead: Delilah Smith
  • English Language Learners: ApprenticeshipNH Lead: Mike Piaseczny
  • Youth 16-24– ApprenticeshipNH Lead: Chris Lalmond

Their next meeting is June 1 at 10am. Please email Catalina Kirsch for more info.