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Connecting the construction industry with educators and community partners to help develop the current and future workforce pipeline.

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For Construction Professionals

Employers – Building New Hampshire begins by building our workforce. From training grants to sharing job postings, our site offers resources to help you build your workforce. 

For Educators & Community Partners

Help build NH’s construction workforce. Browse our collection of resources to assist students and job seekers find a rewarding career in the construction industry.

For Job seekers

We’re happy you’re here. Now is a great time to explore a career in the trades! New Hampshire’s construction industry is facing a critical workforce shortage with thousands of well-paying jobs going unfilled.

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Browse the companies currently hiring in our region. Employers, add your company to the list.

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Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship

Helping address a critical workforce shortage by connecting employers with individuals interested in learning a trade.


“I Build NH provides assistance breaking down existing barriers around work-based learning to ensure NH learners have access to quality exploration opportunities and rally around the continued need to expose learners to multiple career pathways within the construction trades. I Build NH has been an exemplar in showing how community and state programs partner together to mold a talented and invested future workforce pipeline.”

Nicole Levesque, Work-based Learning Coordinator, NH Department of Education, Bureau of Career Development

 “The connections I Build NH has helped me make are already very helpful! I look forward to continuing to be part of the I Build NH partnership”.

Stephanie Ballard, Human Resource Manager, Green Mountain Communication

I Build NH is so important to the participants we work with in helping to expose them to careers and occupations in the field of construction and trades. We always say, you don’t know what you don’t know, and I Build NH is about educating and bringing awareness to nontraditional careers that help our NHEP participants look at construction and trades in a different way.”  

Katrina Murray, Statewide Work Experience and OJT Manager with the NH Employment Program

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